Is your swimming pool maintained in the best possible way?

OMNI House Management take care of your private pool in Mallorca all year around.

In these times it is a blessing in disguise to have a private pool where you can jump in and have fun. To keep the water fresh, a pool manager needs to look after it and clean it once a week. But if you want the pool-system to last for a long time, it has to be well maintained.

Have you checked how well your pool system is managed? It might be difficult to know if you are not a professional. But you might get an idea if you open the door to the maintenance room. Does it look tidy inside? If there are leaves inside it might be a sign that some of the other parts of the system are poorly maintained.

This is what our dedicated pool manager David tells us about pool maintenance. He continues:

Have a look at the filter that belongs to the circulation pump. If it is filled with leaves and grass, the reason could be one of two things: It is autumn and the garden is full of dead leaves, therefore the filter fills up quickly, or your pool manager isn’t bothered to empty the filter as often as he should.

A fragile gadget in the pool system is the barometer, which shows the water pressure. But it can easily break and if so it needs to be replaced. A swimming pool barometer is not expensive and it is the pool manager’s job to replace it if it is broken. If this is not the case, then it’s definitely a sign that he is careless.

Another thing that needs to work well is the extraction tube. It could be difficult to determine if it works correctly if you are not a professional. But if it works poorly, one reason may be that the gasket has to be replaced. The gasket is made of rubber and is aging over time, so it has to be replaced regularly.

Finally, some good advice is to keep track of whether the pool water is filtered with crystals or sand. Crystals are the best solution since they last forever. Sand must be replaced every now and then. It’s a bit complicated to detect, but ask your pool manager to show you the next time he passes by. If you have doubts about how well your he or she is maintaining your pool, don’t hesitate to contact us at OMNI House Management. Our pool managers are real professionals!

Postpone your deposits for your summer reservations at Mallorca

We postpone your deposits for your summer reservations at Mallorca

Fortunately, the Coronavirus is yet not harming Mallorca as the rest of Spain. Though the number of infected is rising, and the island is kept in quarantine. Meanwhile, the dedicated entrepreneurs of Mallorca are taking care of their business and preparing for a grand opening this summer. We at OMNI House Management continue to make reservations for your summer vacation, such as houses, boats, transports and wine tasting. Our collaborators are postponing the deposits and add conditions in the contracts that guarantee a 100% refund in case of restrictions of flights, or if Spain or the country of origin strongly suggest against unnecessary travels. Make sure that your summer will be the best you could wish for and contact us for reservations.

We are all staying at the island and are also able to look after your home in Mallorca. Please contact us at OMNI House Management if you have any concerns or maintenance needs for your apartment or house.

Stay safe and don’t give up on your dreams of the summer of 2020 in Mallorca!

The season for horseback riding at the beaches of Mallorca

Contact OMNI House Management for horseback riding at the beaches of Mallorca

The best way to experience horseback riding at Mallorca along a shallow sea is when the beaches are empty. Ride along the beaches of Mallorca for hours and hours and return during the sunset when the sea and the mountains in the distance are turning into pink. We tried the beach between Sa Colonia and Can Picafort in the northwest part of Mallorca a windy day in February. The waves were higher than expected but gave us an elevated feeling of being close to nature, and the horses were trekking calmly in the seashore. You could most probably ride at the beaches until May or June, but from July to October you will have to be aware of locals and tourists.

Mallorca is an island with a lot of small family-owned ranches. Many of them offer horseback riding all year round. In the summertime, the forests in the Tramuntana mountain give freshness to both horses and riders, and you will find beautiful horse tracks for all levels of experience. Just let us know your preferences before your booking, and we will find the best experience for you, your family and friends, and even small children.

On Mallorca, the guides can speak Spanish, English, German or other languages and take groups of all sizes, and also mixed levels. Remember that we will always look for the best tariffs for our clients. Just call us at OMNI House Management, send us an e-mail or fill in the contact form, and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Organic cleaning with vinegar

OMNI House Management share our best cleaning tips! If you wish we will clean your house with organic products such as cleaning vinegar.

We love vinegar!!

With its powerful cleaning and disinfectant capacity vinegar rivals any commercial cleaner and can be used for organic cleaning all-around your home. Counters, basins, shower screens, tiles, and toilets can all be cleaned with a cloth and a spray bottle filled with half vinegar and half water. If you have a lot of calcium in the water where you live like here in a Mallorca, you can skip the water in the solution and use only cleaning-vinegar in the spray bottle.

Now, spray the solution wherever it’s needed. Allow it to stay for a while and then scrub it off using a brush or a sponge. If you have not cleaned the water stains for long and they are too stubborn, just add a little bit of baking soda by sprinkling it on top of the vinegar and let it sit for a while, scrub it down with a sponge or a brush. The combined effect of both these ingredients is all you need to get rid of water stains or calcium layers. 💧🛁

(Do not use vinegar on Marble or Granite)

Adventures and activities on Mallorca

While spending your time on Mallorca you will always find new ways to explore this beautiful island. And you can do it in all possible ways. Head for the powerful Tramuntana mountains to hike, cycle or go by car or motorcycle. Stop for lunch at a well-recommended restaurant or stay for the whole weekend at a luxurious hotel with a marvelous view. Surprise your partner with excellent wine tasting at a local wine yard or horse riding on the beach or through the beautiful countryside. Invite your friends to a sailing boat or yacht and jump into the water to have fun while doing different kinds of water activities. And why not try out snorkeling or scuba diving?

With its scenic countryside and sunny weather, Mallorca is a popular place for weddings and big celebrations. And there isn´t a lack of venues and locations. With its short distances and efficient airport, yet alone Mallorca’s perfect location in the Mediterranean sea, this island is on the right spot in this world to invite friends from all over the world. Mallorca has a wide range of experienced party- and wedding experts on hair, make-up, music, flowers, chefs, serving staff and more.

Palma is a pleasant combination of a walking-friendly but vivid city by the Mediterranean sea with stunning sights starred restaurants and high-end shopping. Don’t be surprised if you end up in the middle of a street festival and pop up local markets, while Palma seems to have something to celebrate all year round. We at OMNI House Management guide you to the best venues for your city weekend on Mallorca.

How long can a guest stay in my apartment in Mallorca?

How long can a guest stay in my apartment in Mallorca?

Recently Mallorca imposed a law that restricts the holiday renting on the island. When considering renting out your house, you should be aware of some regulations. We will provide you with an overview of how the holiday renting and tourist tax on Mallorca.

How long can a guest stay in my apartment in Mallorca?Why do you need a holiday rental license?

Small scale holiday renting in Mallorca used to be a large business, and renting-services like Airbnb fueled the industry even more. Since a couple of years, the local government became concerned about the environmental impacts on the unregulated tourism market. Mass tourism resulted in overcrowded beaches and road congestions. Mallorca’s limited water supply suffered as well; therefore, the new regulations that were implied in 2017.

What’s the difference between holiday renting and long term renting?

Holiday renting is when you rent your house for less than a month, with a rate based per week or per night. To do this you must apply for a holiday license, or you’re exposed to very high fines. The expected wait for a licence to get approved is more than six months. According to the new tourist legislation you can only rent out a holiday home for 60 days a year, in densely populated areas only for one month during the high season. In some regions, holiday renting is not allowed at all.

Before you apply for a license, you should have an idea of if it applies to your home. For example, apartments are not at all allowed for holiday renting. Mallorca has a zonification system that only allows renting in certain areas. Cities lie Palma and Sóller that do allow holiday renting have their specific regulations.

What’s the different between holiday renting and long term renting?

Holiday renting is when you rent your house for less than a month, with a rate based per week or per night. To do this you must apply for a holiday license, or you’re exposed to very high fines. The expected wait for a licence to get approved is more than six months. According to the new tourist legislation you can only rent out a holiday home for 60 days a year, in densely populated areas only for one month during the high season. In some areas holiday renting is not allowed at all.

Before you apply for a license you should have an idea of if it applies to your home. For example, apartments are not at all allowed for holiday renting. Mallorca has a zonification system that only allows renting in certain areas. Cities lie Palma and Sóller that do allow holiday renting have their own specific regulations.

What does a tourist license cost?

Just as a hotel, the house owner has to pay for each bed. For one family house, a license cost 3 500 euros for each bed if you wish to rent out your home for the whole year. For a flat in an apartment block, the yearly cost is 875 euros. If your license is for 60 days, it costs 291 euro for a bed. The rate does not include the tourist tax to the local government, which range from 2 euros to 4 euros for an adult per night.

Is long term renting for free?

When renting your house or apartment monthly, no license is needed. Just make sure that you have a proper contract with your tenants that protects your home. You are welcome to consult us, and we will help to search for a reliable tenant within our network.

Read more about tourist taxes here.

Please check our Property Rental Service here for more information.

How much can I rent my house for in Mallorca?

How much can I rent my house for in Mallorca

If you are thinking about renting out your home in Mallorca, there are several things to consider.  A house that is regularly used with heating, airing, properly cleaned and have the tap water sometimes running in the kitchen and bathrooms will stay in a better condition than in an unoccupied house. A home in Palma is easily rented out for a gratifying monthly or weekly rate. Consult us for an estimate rate.

Tourist license in Mallorca

If you wish to rent your house on a holiday basis, you should have a tourist licence. We would, of course, help you with the application but bear in mind that the expected waiting Fill in the quote, and we will help you estimate the market rate and find a tenant in our network to sign. We will ask for references and provide a contract with equal possibility to cancel in advance. We also make sure that the tenant will have home insurance of his own.

Take pictures and remove personal items

Before the tenant moves in, it’s preferable to make a thorough check. Take photos of the current condition and objects of value. Any items of value should be removed, as well as personal items. Make an inventory and proper cleaning of the property, including windows and outdoor areas. Finally, make sure that there are the right amount of linen and towels and as well as free space bathrooms and wardrobes.

A property in top condition

Our Property Maintenance and management includes performing preventative property maintenance to keep the property functioning in top condition. For example, we are in charge of hiring someone to, exterminate, check for leaks gardening and remove the trash. This maintenance aims to keep your current tenants happy and attract new tenants.

Repairs by professionals

When there is an issue, we will fix the problem or hire a professional to do it. We have a vast network of reliable plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other contractors.

Please check our Property Rental Service here for more information.

Winter in Mallorca: Prepare your house for the season with OMNI House Management

Preparing your home for the Mallorca winter

Preparing your home for the Mallorca winterWhen you close your house for the winter season you have to make sure that it’s in perfect condition when you return. Due to some winter weather conditions, you would need to secure it from all kinds of harms. And maybe, more importantly, secure it from burglary. If the worst-case scenario occurs you have to be prepared for an emergency visit from your alarm or insurance company – even if you are hours away with a plane. Trust OMNI by taking care of your house during an emergency or regularly when you are away.

Rain and mold

Mold is unfortunately common during Spanish winters. Many walls are just not made for moisture. Check the ventilation in every room and use your nose and hands to find out if there are any mold or moisture. If needed put a heater or a dehumidifier in rooms and corners that might be affected. In some cases, the source could be a leaking pipe. Sooner or later you would need a plumber to fix these types of problems. Put all belongings made from wood, textiles, and iron (it could become rusty!) in a closed utility room. And last but not least – don’t forget to close all windows to make sure that rain doesn’t enter through any tiny openings whatsoever. After heavy rainfall call OMNI House Management to check on your house and garden.

Hard wind

The wind could grow strong in a second and could potentially make your outdoor area become a mess. And worse it could break something. Make sure to remove all loose furniture and smaller things from windy places in your garden or terrace. Close your shutters and if you decide to leave them open then make sure that they are solidified and secured so that they don´t break off. Also, check your trees for any loose branches or huge palm trees that could break off and fall during intense winds.

Garden and pool area

If the season is sunny and rainy your garden will grow quickly. Have a gardener to check on it once or twice a week to cut the grass and clean the flowerbeds. After a big storm, it might be a good idea to have a gardener to check for debris. The same thing goes for your pool. Make sure to have it cleaned regularly and neatly. OMNI House Management offers the best gardeners and pool staff on the island.

Indoor checks

Even if your house is well-closed things could happen when you’re away. The electricity could be switched off, a leak in a tap, WC or dishwasher could evolve into a greater problem. You could receive mail in your mailbox. It will make you a lot safer if you had your house checked now and then. OMNI House Management has a quality checklist that covers a dozen checkpoints to make sure that your house is in good shape. And we will contact you as fast as we notice anything out of the ordinary, or if there is any mail in the mailbox waiting for you.

Emergency service

If the unexpected happens you will be happy to have someone in the area to answer the call from your alarm operator. And someone to open your house for the emergency staff. If you are busy or far away and there is any damage that has to be repaired then you will need someone trustworthy to open the door for the person from the insurance company into your home. To show them the damage and to plan and receive repairs. OMNI House management will arrange all you need and send you reports and photos of both damages and the repairments. Read more about OMNI Maintenance Service here.

Best things to do in Palma

Best things to do in Palma

Palma is the perfect cosmopolitical city to spend a casual day of your own or with a friend, no matter the season. The stunning setting by the Palma bay in the Mediterranean sea invites you to a long stroll along the Paseo Maritimo walkway with its impressing sailing boats, yachts, and catamarans. You will soon pass by relaxing restaurants with outdoor terraces such as the Boat House Palma, Darsena and the well-recommended fish restaurant Can Eduardo on the second floor of Palma fishing market. After passing Restaurante Pesquero and the square where the fishermen clean their nets in the early morning hours you will reach the main pier with a new restaurant complex with posh restaurants such as Mar de Nudos and the roof bar 49 steps Bar&Grill Mallorca. ­­­

Best things to do in Palma

The Cathedral, Portixol and Playa de Palma

Just walk a little further and you will arrive at Parc de la Mar and the magnificent Cathedral La Seu. From here you could keep on walking by the seashore in the shade of palm trees for miles, with stops at any of the numerous cafés or restaurants along the walk. Or why not take a swim by any of the plenty beaches of Playa de Palma? The walk continues by the former fishing area of Portixol which is now becoming one of Palma’s most prestigious areas for living, thanks to the tranquillity and the first-class view of the sea. The popular walk and bicycle path doesn’t end here but continues all the way passing the beach and restaurants at Ciutat Jardin, the protected parc between the sea and the airport, and head to Can Pastilla and the long fine beach of El Arenal with all its hotels, the relaxed Balenario beach cafés, and classic beach life.

A walk through Palma Old town

From the cathedral you could also choose to take the beautiful walk along the Paseo Dalt de la Murada where you walk along the top of the wall along the old town with a marvelous view of Parc de Mar and the sea. Stop at the new luxurious hotel Es Princep, and then head back to the city center through the charming narrow alleys of the old town. You will either end up by the 700-year-old cathedral or at the even older Íglesia de Santa Eulalia. Walk down the street of Palau Reial to Plaça Cort with its old olive tree surrounded by hotels, restaurants and cafés, and the magnificent city hall. Continue along the nobel tree-lined street of Colom where you find boutiques like the classic Relojeria Alemana specialized in Rolex and the goldsmith Carmen Ekvall Jewellery on a side street. Stop by the Art Nouveau style Can Forteza Rey building by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and study the detailed façade.

Shopping in Palma

You will then arrive at the old Plaça Mayor where there are usually markets. Cross the square and enter the Sant Miquel walking street with typical Spanish and international brands such as a Disney store and Desigual, but also the well recommended Fundacion Juan March with contemporary art and several old churches. Through a side street you will get to the huge and vivid food market Mercat de l’Olivar with fresh food, restaurants and an oyster bar. If you choose to follow the street to the end you will reach the newly opened French multimedia store FNAC. From here you can easily reach Plaça España, the transport hub of Palma, and continue along las Avenidas where all the Spanish brands are represented, to the grand shopping mall of El Corte Inglés.

Culture in the absolute center of Palma

You could also choose to head down along Olms street to Las Ramblas with its impressive tree-lined walking alley and its numerous flower stands, or get lost in the winding streets of the old town. If so try to find Sant Jaume street which has some nice restaurants, and hotels such as hotel Gloria de Sant Jaume. If you continue along La Rambla you will pass by some impressive historical buildings such as the Teatre Principal, the Art Nouveau buildings Fundacio La Caixa from 1903, and the Gaudi twin houses from 1909 at Plaza Mercat. At Plaza Mercat, you’ll also find the Mallorcan jewelry designer Isabel Guarch. Walk from here along Calle Unión towards what many consider as the absolute center of Palma, Plaça de las Tortugas, or Turtle Square. Search for the animals at the obelisk and you will understand! Here it is strongly recommended to have a coffee at the terrace of the classic Bar Bosch which is perfect for people-watching.

Top brand boutiques in Palma

Take your time to consider where to head next. Should you walk down the Paseo de Born avenue lined with top brand boutiques such Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Escada, and Carolina Herrera, and the jewelry stores Tous, Nicolas Joyeros and Relojeria Alemana? Then you could easily begin your evening with a drink at the boutique hotel Can Alomar terrace next to the green tree crowns with a view of the cathedral and the harbor. Or should you walk under the arches along the Jaume III street with boutiques as Maje, Liu Jo, Mallorcan shoe brand Camper, L’Occitane en Provence and El Corte Inglés? Reaching the end of Jaume III you’ll have several choices for the evening. Head south to enjoy a cocktail at the lounge bar outside Es Baluard museum of contemporary art, head north for restaurants such as the Michelin starred Adrian Quetglas under the arches at Paseo Mallorca, or cross the canal to the bohemian Santa Catalina district and start your evening with a view of Palma harbor at the roof terrace of Bar Cuba.

If you would like to have guidance on the best things to do in Palma, such as shopping in Palma city center, don’t hesitate to contact OMNI House Management.