“Spain will be ready to reopen to the world very soon,” Reyes Maroto told reporters at a presentation of Spain’s promotional campaign to entice visitors back this summer. “International tourists can start planning their Spanish vacations now.”

This happy news hit Mallorca Bulletin and other national Spanish media today. And Mallorca is more than ready to welcome foreign tourists for the summer.

We at OMNI House Management are almost done with the booking of a big group of friends from all over Europe and most of all from the UK. Big pool villas with a view close to Deia and Sóller was on the wishlist and are now booked, including house party, lunches and dinners at marvelous restaurant terraces, private visits at wine yards and a sunset tour with the fantastic Attraction Catamaran right from the Palma harbor. And, almost as important, transfers – while not all spots have a big parking plot and while everyone in the group should be able to fully enjoy, including the wine and drinks.

Are you ready to book your trip to Mallorca? Let us at OMNI House management help you with the bookings. We recommend villas, restaurants, private chefs and activities and manage everything around the bookings.

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