OMNI House Management take care of your private pool in Mallorca all year around.

In these times it is a blessing in disguise to have a private pool where you can jump in and have fun. To keep the water fresh, a pool manager needs to look after it and clean it once a week. But if you want the pool-system to last for a long time, it has to be well maintained.

Have you checked how well your pool system is managed? It might be difficult to know if you are not a professional. But you might get an idea if you open the door to the maintenance room. Does it look tidy inside? If there are leaves inside it might be a sign that some of the other parts of the system are poorly maintained.

This is what our dedicated pool manager David tells us about pool maintenance. He continues:

Have a look at the filter that belongs to the circulation pump. If it is filled with leaves and grass, the reason could be one of two things: It is autumn and the garden is full of dead leaves, therefore the filter fills up quickly, or your pool manager isn’t bothered to empty the filter as often as he should.

A fragile gadget in the pool system is the barometer, which shows the water pressure. But it can easily break and if so it needs to be replaced. A swimming pool barometer is not expensive and it is the pool manager’s job to replace it if it is broken. If this is not the case, then it’s definitely a sign that he is careless.

Another thing that needs to work well is the extraction tube. It could be difficult to determine if it works correctly if you are not a professional. But if it works poorly, one reason may be that the gasket has to be replaced. The gasket is made of rubber and is aging over time, so it has to be replaced regularly.

Finally, some good advice is to keep track of whether the pool water is filtered with crystals or sand. Crystals are the best solution since they last forever. Sand must be replaced every now and then. It’s a bit complicated to detect, but ask your pool manager to show you the next time he passes by. If you have doubts about how well your he or she is maintaining your pool, don’t hesitate to contact us at OMNI House Management. Our pool managers are real professionals!

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